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"Hier kurze Beschreibung:A minimal watch built from the ground up with attention to detail -Created for, and by, those who just want something that makes sense" Read more

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***** 1) We want to bring to the world Swiss quality watches — but at an affordable price.

About this project

Black Classic Watch
Swiss Concept

***** 2) We are two wrist watch enthusiasts. After the years, we’ve found out that the ecology of watch business is divided into two major tiers. Decent watches with good qualities are priced at exceptionally high-priced ranges, while watches with acceptable prices are usually made with compromised qualities. But now we've been created a watch which fulfills all these criterias. Nice Design, Swiss Quality and an affordable price.

Midnight Watch
A Watch for Authentic People

***** 3) Our goal is to bring quality watches to the public so that everyone can share our joy of being a watch lover. And we want to give our knowledge direct to consumer, without any retail markups.

White Classic Watch
High Fashion Navy Strap

***** 4) We are also offering our classic saddle leather authentic wallet with our watches.

Saffiano Leather PAUL's Wallet
Cattle Leather PAUL's Wallet

***** 5) To create a watch that was practical, authentic, and affordable but special and individual.

Your Authentic Watch
White Classic Watch
Your Authentic Strap

***** -> Hier Text ändern: Several problems needed to be addressed as we scoured the watch market online and offline:

  • AFFORDABILITY: Not $300. Not $200. Not even $100. Starting at just $69 on Kickstarter. Working direct to consumer, we pass the savings to you with radical transparency.
  • PRACTICALITY: We wanted a quality handmade watch useful enough for everyday wear. Simply, a no frills watch that just makes sense.
  • DESIGN: Beautifully crafted for timelessness with a less is more approach. A classic minimal look without extraneous features or fancy dials.
Everyday Essentials
Everything comes in a good shape

Our designers and engineers have worked tirelessly to perfect this watch. In designing, we wanted to keep the watch functional and easy to read. A 3-hand analog face with date function was exactly all we needed. We wanted to keep the case minimalist, at only 7 mm thick. To increase durability while maintaining a lightweight construction, we decided on a 316L steel case. The case was to be sandblasted first, to have all the edges softened, but also brushed, to offer a distinct, durable surface. It is 39 mm, which is a versatile size suitable for women as well.

Prototypes for cloth woven backed bands
Designing on CAD

One of the more difficult aspects of the collection was perfecting the double-sided watch band. To add a bit of subtle flare to the watch, we integrated a cloth woven backside. After intensive textile prototyping, we were able to add reinforced stitching to the durable, but comfortable, materials. The sizing holes were no longer just oiled, but fine stitched with a leather strip as well. We will also be offering full length leather bands for our classic models.

Final bands and lasered backplate
Final bands with typical stamped badge and lasered coil
PAUL's Sets include a minimalist wallet / ID holder
PAUL's Premium Sets include an authentic leather wallet
All watches will be 3 ATM Water Resistant
All watches will be 3 ATM Water Resistant

We have 5 different models in this first line of PAUL's Timepieces:

  • Curriculum Five - Black: the all-black approach with a subtle black pattern trim.
  • Curriculum Five - Rosé: the go-to dress watch featuring rosé accents and an authentic colored strap.
  • Curriculum Five - Classic: the perfect everyday watch with a full-length strap. Wildly affordable.
  • Curriculum Five - Gold: a versatile, casual golden watch with a minimal, bold white dial and different navy/army straps.
  • Curriculum Five - Steel: a subtle, classy watch suitable for all occasions.
Midnight, Black Classic, Oxford, White Classic
Curriculum series No. 5
Streched goals

We wanted to use some of the best input materials on the market for this watch. Inside of the PAUL's watches are Ronda 6203.B Movements that are used in Swiss watches. They are very accurate and built to last for many years. 316L Steel will be used for the cases. This allows for a strong case that is also lightweight.

All watches are equipped with Full Date Function
Optional personal engraving service
A versatile sized watch for all occasions
A versatile sized watch for all occasions

We will never overcharge and dump ridiculous retail markups onto our supporters. We adamantly dislike when high designer markups are just passed onto the consumer. Just because it was designed does not mean it deserves a premium or exorbitant price tag. We wanted to make a watch without having the audacity to charge $200-$300 for a quality watch. In reality, design is meant to be shared with all to benefit. Especially in this Kickstarter community where everyone contributes with ideas and feedback, aren't we all designers? In reality, you Kickstarters help create these products.

Black Classic Watch
Our case production

We chose to work with an established watch manufacturing group known for rigorous quality control. We have a great relationship with our manufacturing partners. We've thoroughly toured their facility multiple times and they are completely align with our goals. We visited their facility in the Summer of 2014 in detailed tours and again in January 2015.

Traditional craft

With multiple stages in the manufacture and quality check process, we are confident in their ability to deliver a quality product. We were impressed with their sophisticated manufacture process including different rooms for assembly, air pressure checkpoints, water pressure stations, 48-hour time-keeping accuracy test, and (of course) a drop test. All of their facilities meet all necessary regulation and code for operation.

Technical Know how

Though they host the manufacturing of many large retail brands, the general managers made sure all of our requirements were met and accommodated. Their experienced staff and attention to detail was what made our decision to choose them so easy. We at Elliot PAUL's are extremely confident they will meet our needs.

Over 40 years of experience in watch manufacturing
Over 20 years of experience in watch manufacturing
Over 40 years of experience in watch manufacturing


We will offer the PAUL's watch at wholesale pricing with radical transparency. Not only should the watch be priced so that nobody breaks their bank, but what goes into the watch should be disclosed.


We believe in our watches. And you should too. If anything were to happen to your watch within the first 2 years, we hope that you will send it back to us for repair or replacement. We will cover all internal parts should they ever fail you.


  • Case Diameter: 43 mm Case
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Face Diameter: 39 mm
  • Band Material: Nylon Nato Strap or Genuine Leather Band
  • Band Max/Min Length: 20.5cm/15.5cm
  • Band Width: 20 mm
  • Total Weight: 37g
  • Case Material: 316L Steel
  • Back Plating: Stainless Steel
  • Clasp: Standard Buckle Clasp
  • Clasp Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial Window Material: Crystal Mineral Glass
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: Ronda (Swiss) 6203.B Quartz
  • Date Function: Yes
  • Dual Time: Yes
  • Water Resistant: 3 ATM / 30 Meters

After the Kickstarter campaign concludes, we will send out surveys gathering backer information to begin production. Meanwhile, we want to continue R&D for the watch. We will rigorously source, test, and research the materials and production of the watch. While the watches are being manufactured and packaged, we will be preparing for large scale shipment to our backers.

This is where Kickstarter comes in. We need your support to launch this line of watches. We are raising funding specifically for R&D, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics for the PAUL's Timepiece collection. Your support for the production of these affordable watches will also make them available to all in the future. And of course, you will be the first to own PAUL's Timepiece. Thank you for taking the time to check out the project.

PAUL's consists of a diverse team of creative product designers with cross-functional skills within the fields of design, development, and manufacturing. Our team encompasses over 20 years of combined experience in bringing innovative products to life. Steven will be spearheading the design and development of the PAUL's Timepiece collection, while Michael and Alex supervise logistics and backer relations. With the support of the rest of our experienced team including industrial and graphic designers, we are ready to build you a product that you can proudly support.

Hi-Res Gallery : Here

For further information, media, and a gallery, refer to:

Risks and challenges

If this project gets funded, we will have to make sure everything goes according to plan to meet the promised deadlines. Projects often have trouble when facing the production process and deadlines for shipment. The project could face possible challenges if the quality of the product or packaging does not meet our requirements after production. However, we have extensive experience and close relations in manufacturing and production. In addition, we will not be outsourcing the post-production work to another company. Our team is prepared to ensure that post-funding will run like clockwork when the time comes. (pun-intended) Although we do not see any direct risks and challenges, there are always indirect or unseen tasks that may present itself during the process of production. We hope to run everything as streamlined as possible and ahead of schedule.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The battery used in our watches is a SR920SW battery. The battery can usually last you at least 3 years before it needs to be replaced. Furthermore the batteries usually cost less than 2 USD on Amazon or your local store. Our watches feature a pressure fit watch back that you can remove with a small tool. Replacement should take less than 5 minutes and can be done at home.

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  • We will be using USPS to ship our rewards as it is the most cost-effective method of shipping. We have been working with them for over 3 years and have a good business relationship with them. Shipping in the US is included for free. Our international shipping cost range anywhere from 16 USD to 26 USD depending on the pledge reward you choose. For international shipping, one watch costs $16, two watches is $20, three watches is $25, and four watches is $26. We use USPS First Class which ships within 3-5 days in the US and 7-12 business days internationally.

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  • Absolutely. We wanted to use this case because it was more lightweight. And for an everyday minimalist watch, we wanted this feature. Our watch weighs only 37 grams!

    The watch case is treated with an oxide coating during manufacturing to give it optimal corrosion resistance. The composition of the carbon steel alloy, according to our manufacturer, is not extremely susceptible to corrosion to begin with. But the extra protection in the treatment prevents any chances of that. To be sure, we have been prototyping and testing for just over a year and haven’t experienced any rusting. We also offer a 2 year warranty on all watches should they every experience any irregularities or defects.

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  • There will be a survey released shortly after the funding closes.You'll provide all necessary information about your shipping address and reward choice there. Thanks for supporting!

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